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有多少次人们会问你用的是哪种相机? 外出拍照时, 客户总是有的, 旁观者和其他摄影师过来询问我的装备选择. 

They even tell me the 品牌 和 model of camera they use 和 present the conversation in such a way that it’s obvious the gear we use has an affect on the result or outcome of our work. 这是什么时候成为主流思想的?

The tech industry wants us to believe that as professionals (or enthusiasts) we need to keep up with the latest trends, 新版本, 以及大量新的或更新的配件. Going beyond “being the coolest kid in the room” it’s almost as if you can’t produce your best quality work unless you’re also using the best 和 latest equipment.

是的, to an extent rapidly evolving technology does make breakthroughs which clearly delineate the quality 和 性能 of equipment compared to older models — but does that truly shape your creativity?


当涉及到新的齿轮, you need to evaluate when 和 why you choose to upgrade or add to your collection.



先考虑观众和观众, the most important element of the entire creative process is the finished shot that your viewer sees — or in the case of digital media, 完成的设计.

If you are choosing to upgrade a camera or looking at what photographers say they’re using themselves, 模型之间的性能差异通常最多可以忽略不计. 虽然某些相机可能要优越得多,但它们都在做同样的事情. 只要满足格式和分辨率的最低要求, 你的镜片也能满足你工作的需要, 您选择的具体相机主要取决于个人喜好.

就因为你的相机有几年的历史了, 一些新的后继者已经被制造出来, 这并不会降低相机的性能.

That said — particularly with digital SLRs moving parts can wear out 和 sensors can develop dead pixels, 困像素, 还有类似的磨损痕迹. As your chassis approaches its maximum designed shutter actuation you might start to see some noise in your images or mechanical actions can malfunction.

大多数人看不出你用的是什么相机, 特别是在完成任何后期制作编辑之后. Those that can tell, care more about your creative style 和 why you shoot rather than how. 



当你评估何时需要购买新装备和升级装备时, 列出对你重要或可能影响你工作的方面. Everybody will have their own opinion, but you should remember to keep each of those in context.

考虑您的特定工作流, 你拍摄的图像类型, 你在什么样的环境中拍摄, 和 the features or 性能 requirements that may be a make or break decision in your industry.

Certain projects in the past have required specifics; for instance, 我们在Airbnb Plus的所有拍摄都是使用全画幅相机和三脚架完成的, 有很大一部分的镜头需要托架. 自然, 多年的磨损伴随着行业技术的进步, 照明升级, 需要新的软盒, 和 general upgrades to old or absent equipment can increase my versatility during a shoot. 

Occasionally specific equipment will need to be purchased to achieve an effect that’s impossible without it, 我们曾经做过一个需要三角帆的视频项目. 从摄影师的角度来看, that choice of purchasing versus renting is an internal one on how valuable that option might be in the future. 为客户, or anyone that’s looking to purchase a professional photography session I would advise them to remember that the tools 和 gear of the trade are never as important as honed 和 practiced skill. 

如果项目需要一个特定的结果在完成的图像, 或者空间/主题需要以特定的方式捕捉, a professional photographer can be left to acquire the gear necessary or figure out a method to achieving the desired result on their own. Choosing a certain photographer or firm based on their equipment alone will seldom yield the quality of images you need.

“大多数人都看不出你用的是什么相机. 那些更关心你的创造力而不是装备的人.”

今年早些时候,我增加了一个新的底盘到我的军火库, with features that would help me get shots I wouldn’t easily be able to produce otherwise. 其中包括人类和动物的内置眼球追踪, 动作射击的高FPS, 和4K视频功能都在一个紧凑的无反光镜框架内.

当然,每一个都做得很好, 我仍然用我的旧相机进行高调的商业拍摄. 他们有更好的色彩科学, 我对控制很熟悉, 因此,这种新型无镜相机主要用于事件报道或行动.

客户和摄影师都想要同样的东西, 为主题, 品牌, 产品, 还是人要显得最真实, 引人入胜的, 在美学上尽可能的积极.

一旦你有了那种心态, 通过审查来查看潜在的选择, 价格, 性能, 以及用户的普遍反应. 一个新的模型可能会有以前的模型没有的缺陷, or waiting for the latest iteration to hit the market might lower the cost of the camera or tool you are looking at.



你的技术和创造力对你的拍摄和处理有多大影响? 你是否有某些型号高价提供的高性能需求? Or do you tend to be more imaginative 和 inspiring when you need to work around constraints — in this way your style 和 the artistic process might prefer either a simplified shooting experience, or a fully detailed one with lots of adjustable controls 和 parameters that involve additional gear 和 accessories.

重点是要考虑你工作的目标,以及如何实现它. 你的新装备应该能够首先解决这个问题.

还要考虑到学习一个新系统可能需要的时间, 或者将任何新工具集成到您的工作流程中. 因为这个原因, 许多摄影师可能只是不做升级, 选择新的相机,只有一对夫妇的迭代超过他们目前的模型, 或者干脆把新购买的东西全部推迟.

转换格式, 体风格, 和 manufacturers will have some of the hardest learning curves for you… so if you are planning on using a new camera before an important project make sure you give yourself time to learn.

Price is an issue that is often dismissed in trade reviews, or technology reporting on new 产品s. 因为作为记者和评论家, those professionals have a primary job of critiquing each 和 every new camera 和 accessory. Even the most unbiased of sources will be used to new gear on a regular basis so that mentality becomes normal.

The cost of new cameras is always paired up against their market competitors or direct predecessors. This gives us the false impression that a premium price tag is needed for the specifications you’re looking for. 这是不对的. 新产品确实会降低你现有的旧设备的市场价值, which reinforces the perception that we need new equipment on a regular basis to prevent our work from becoming inferior.



在某些情况下,最好的镜头是通过你的创造性的眼睛. 专注于空间,让你的直觉成为你的向导. It was during the shoot of a hotel where I was last stopped by someone asking about my gear, 这启发了我写这篇文章.

总会有新款相机出现, 品牌s that reinvent a tripod or develop an accessory that (they hope) revolutionizes the industry. 这是制造商的工作, they must continue to innovate just as its the role of marketers 和 journalists to discuss 和 promote them.

"Choosing the right lens is the reflection of the perspective you have for that particular shot."

While I believe it’s pragmatic to stay up to date on new advancements when I’m shooting I focus 100% on my work. 说到底, 工具本身总是次于技术和艺术. 

Particularly when shooting in public spaces where the subject is a business location, 一个酒店大堂, or a similar area… there are always those curious people that stop to ask about lenses or lighting.

购买新装备并不等于磨练你的技能. When your reputation is being captured I feel a photographer that cares more about why he chooses to work will outperform anyone hung up on what they do it with.

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