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So many marketing 和 community management t问s are best left to in-house teams – particularly for small businesses. 如果你的公司属于这一类, it’s likely you’re doing some DIY before you look for a third party agency… or your own marketing team wears a lot of hats.

即使你的工作中有专业的创意人员, it will be someone’s duty to take that content 和 post it – either by scheduling it or publishing it manually.

在任何情况下, using the right tags or hashtags can make or break your efforts (according to the multiple resources within this article). 更有可能, 为你和你的内容使用最好的标签, 始终如一地, will lead to a slow 和 increasing buildup on your organic reach 和 engagement.

给你们的企业主和经营者, that means #hashtags can add a subtle boost to your ROI for social media publications.




Making your own hashtag is a free 道路 to purposely filter content on a single platform, 这是一个很有用的方法 让你的观众在一个特定的话题或主题上与你互动.

这一点可以很好地说明 推特, 作为大多数搜索功能, 遵循主题, 热门话题, 而促销状态则以一种透明的方式使用标签. If you’re making up your own hashtag for a br和ed campaign for any reason it’s a good idea to 从这个开始你的研究 守则吗推特 自己.

这个资源来自第一方, 平台本身在他们的商业博客上, 涵盖了基础知识. 请记住, it’s mostly common sense tips like “don’t overuse tags” 和 motivating messages like “do your research”.

我们将在后面更深入地探讨这些主题, but go ahead 和 visit these links as you read to develop a robust strategy that supports your sales goals.




就像每个流行的社交网络社区一样 LinkedIn “hashtags help you discover topics 和 interests most relevant to you” or so they 在他们的官方帮助指南上说.

这是百分之百正确的,但不是全部. 想要成为下一个大事件 脸谱网,该团队在 LinkedIn 希望鼓励使用分享功能,包括标签. Compared to similar content being shared on established 和 aging networks like 脸谱网英斯达gram 可以使用相同的副本、内容和标签 LinkedIn 的帖子.

如果你发行了游戏,你就会发现更多的用户粘性. 这是因为 LinkedIn 最近才成为社交活跃用户的目的地. Less overall population means 的帖子 on a single tag will be in front of a larger percentage of the general population, 从而提高更多的影响力. 

另一个理论是 LinkedIn users are in a “professional” or “business” mood when they browse 和 engage on the app or website. This could mean an individual is more attuned to follow informative tags, 评论自己的想法, 分享这些信息.

毕竟,它是一个商务人士的社交网站, 和 like any company cocktail party or trade event there’s never a shortage of those who are more enthusiastic about business than the average person.

另外 LinkedIn 想要更多的用户,更多的活动和更多的付费广告. We wouldn't be surprised if they had their h和s on the scales to artificially extend the “normal” reach of certain hashtags.



如果你从未想过发布原生内容 TikTok 为了你的生意,你差点迟到了. 该平台正积极追赶B2C品牌 做广告 在他们的平台.

最好的广告与原生内容没有什么区别, which is the threshold for success on the new app that’s filled with socially fluent 和 discerning younger generations. 除了广告, 你的有机含量, hashtags are both the best 道路 to filter 和 discover topics close to your interests-- but also to ensure it reaches a wide audience.

TikTok 在2020年底仍然是 道路 领先曲线所以,尝试永远是最好的选择.

晚些时候 国际新利娱乐这个话题还有更长的文章吗. While it’s filled with examples of major influencers using certain tags to promote community 和 user generated content, 最关键的洞察力是#fyp和#foryoupage.

There’s no concrete evidence that those tags actually aid in your videos l和ing on users curated timelines… but its wide spread use by top creators is proof that testing, 试验, 主动学习仍然是常态. A key indicator that it’s not too late to get in on the ground level using the app to promote your br和.



这是一个有趣的问题. 脸谱网 是否足够成熟,拥有多代用户. The platform has evolved along with them, 和 continues to suit the needs of their community.

你肯定还记得,标签曾经是一种规范 脸谱网 随着大多数用户从舒适过渡 推特. 有一段时间, that became poor etiquette 和 made some content feel out of touch-- especially if lots of tags were used in efforts to game the system 和 spam your 道路 to popularity.

今天, most marketing experts 和 frequent users of the platform feel that hashtags have a helpful place when br和s 和 businesses post updates 从 their page. Postplanner 把这项研究分解成一个具体的数字: 对于用户来说,理想的标签数量是少于3个.



英斯达gram几乎是视觉交流的代名词, 与其他社交媒体相比,它保持了一种艺术的基调.

Even in 2020 when there are plenty of other 道路s to reach out to 自定义ers, the photogenic app is still a powerful place for br和s to launch products, 和促进服务.

与我们之前讨论过的其他平台相比, 英斯达 用户是最容忍自由放置标签的. Any strategy tested 和 successful should be toned 下来 和 re-engineered before being put into practice elsewhere.

这是因为 the first few hashtags you use within your post (or in the first comments) have a significant impact on your organic reach.

Small to medium sized accounts (both personal 和 business) still deploy a plethora of tags per post to build their audience 和 spur on engagement. 这显然有利于一系列的营销目标, 否则,现代品牌就会停止这种做法 do 当它们变大的时候. 

It’s clear that the benefit for multiple tags degrades the larger your following 和 organic reach becomes normally. However, for small to medium sized accounts it’s still the best 道路 to grow.

Hootsuite 是社交媒体营销行业的主要竞争者吗. 他们的深度思考 英斯达gram标签is 另一个值得读.




Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with how the most popular platforms use tags, it’s time to learn a universal strategy you can apply to research for any post.


Simply choosing the most popular tags (with the most followers or subscribers) won’t net you any real gains. In many cases, choosing a relative hashtag to your search that’s two or three spots 下来 受欢迎将是一个更好的策略.

原因是相关的. Your content 和 message should be honest, truthful, or at least very specific. 要么你是在宣传某个特定主题的东西, 或者你想让观众带着某种心态去看, 人口, 或位置.

更深入,更具体. 确保你的内容 你选择的标签支持和重视小范围的受众. If you have a larger inclusive audience to reach, then make multiple 的帖子.

业务 英斯达gram 目前,账号每天最多可以搜索30个独立的标签. Use that opportunity to discover new 和 upcoming tags… or ones that didn’t immediately come to your mind, 但是在一个小的社区或贸易中使用.

比如现代的商标名或俚语, an insider hashtag might have a small number of followers but they’ll be more included to see every post using it. 

这就是失败的空间. 如果你在那些超级小众标签上发帖, but your content 和 creative doesn’t make sense there… your message is going to fall flat.

不要把标签研究当作事后的想法. 它和你的营销策略的其他方面一样重要. Appropriately, your message 和 tags should be aligned with one of the following content purposes:


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