SpringPoint Technologies 网页设计 & 发展

Tulsa based award winning IT Recruiting and 服务 provider SpringPoint Technologies 网络site Redesign by Matcha Design

Silver Award
DesignFirms 奖
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Gold Award of Excellence

网页设计 & 发展

Founded in 2003, SpringPoint Technologies has rapidly grown to become one of Oklahoma’s premier providers of IT services. Leveraging a large pool of professional technicians, SpringPoint combines IT staffing with managed IT services for businesses in the greater Tulsa area.

After our initial consultation with SpringPoint’s executive officer, 特拉维斯短, we immediately knew that we would need to toss out everything about their previous website and start from a blank slate. 为实现这一目标, we executed an extensive series of interviews with SpringPoint’s key staff, combined with in-depth research about the firm itself.  We then turned this information over to our internal writing and development staff, who organized the information to flow logically and wrote all the new text content. This research and organization became the skeleton upon which we developed the site.

For a company like SpringPoint, we knew we had to go big. The website is a prime example of modern “flat” responsive design, with large colorful slabs of images layered with information. The design becomes bigger and bolder the larger you go, and each page is dominated with a customized marquee image. Equally large photographic quote blocks at the bottom of each page bookend the site content. Fonts were chosen for their smooth power and technological feel.

To give the website a professional feel, we captured the iconic city scene of Tulsa as the header image in addition to an animated green lash from the SpringPoint Logo as a part of the brand building strategy. We selected the two most important "call to action" titles as the main roles of the website: offering staffing solutions to companies and providing careers to IT professionals. We linked these titles to professional and attractive images which appear whenever visitors point their cursors around any of these two titles.

We also created the same effect on the first three items of the website’s menu. This makes it easy for visitors to see what the company offers without even clicking on the menu item. This is to improve conversion and the user-experience.

We ensured that the first page to appear when visitors access the website is the one describing what the site stands for and how it can solve the problems of potential customers. 这个页面, along with other pages, briefly but clearly explains what the company does in a simple way and has custom illustrations to drive the point home.

To make important points stand out, we incorporated different font colors to grab the attention of readers. The background color for the pages in white and the main font color is normal black which creates a powerful contrast. In addition to the black font color, the site utilizes the SpringPoint branding green on subheads and linked words on its pages to build brand consistency.

The site teems with CSS animations both subtle and obvious. From the top menu “punch-in” to the occasional twirl of the wedge element at the top of each text area, nearly every effect is accomplished with advanced CSS design techniques with very little Javascript or other resource-hogging elements. This makes the site surprisingly nimble despite its larger-than-life design.

Each page has a different background image that matches what the page stands for. This does not only make the page attractive but relevant to the message published on it as well. Most of the pages don’t just have plain text; they also have custom illustrations with different colors such as blue, orange and more which make them attractive to readers.

We added a custom testimonials module to show up on the sticky page with specially selected images and their words. This increases credibility and conversion. Below the page, we added three buttons for social media shares: 脸谱网, LinkedIn and 推特. It is at this section that visitors will find another menu containing home, privacy policy and employment policies in addition to the company’s address and telephone number.


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